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EIJI TAKAHASHIfashion stylist

Eiji Takahashi is a London/Tokyo based fashion stylist, who was born and grew up in Hokkaido Japan. After he graduated from Bunka fashion college in Tokyo, he started working as a professional Commercial and Fashion Stylist. His work includes fashion and beauty editorials, commercial messages, advertisement, and styling celebrities all over the world. Fashion is always in his spirit and he has a sense of beauty. He always keeps his eyes on the details of shapes. His elegant works are derived from the mixing of shapes and understanding of trends. He gets inspirations from art, architecture, music, film and all beautiful things in everyday life. He appreiciates all the incredibly talented people who he has had a chance to collaborate with in his career. These experiences make his motivation much higher and drive his career further.


JAPAN – HugE, Numero, VOGUE.com, VOGUE girl, ELLE online, ELLE girl, NYLON, Rolling Stone, BARFOUT!, 月刊EXILE
ASIA – ELLE Vietnam, ELLE CHINA, Oyster, VISION, Noise, Fallen, MANIFESTO, And Men
UK - i-D, Wallpaper, Volt, Ponytail, Carbon Copy, FAULT, SID
EU – L’officiel, DANSK, Playing Fashion, Blanche
USA – Frische, Models.com, Fashion Gone Rogue, Open LAB, Prim, etc.


Stella McCartney, BEAMS, CONVERSE, Champion, FRED PERRY, Onitsuka Tiger(World Campaign), AMERICAN EXPRESS, BRIDGESTONE, TOSHIBA, 東京スカイツリー, お台場新大陸, URBAN RESEARCH sence of place, 109, EXR(world campaign), Avirex, Cody sanderson, AU bannister, Royal Flash, renoma Paris, Basso&Brook, Black&White, Stunning Lure, TESCOM, B’2nd, WEGO, grove, WORDS BY wear, glaz, VINCA TOKYO, HAKUJI, SONO, SONOMANIA, RANDA, Hellomag, MahnaMahna, etc.


Austin Mahone, Michel Roux Jr, Griamante, 黄暁明, James Jirayu, GOT7, BAP, BTOB, 水原希子, 新垣結衣, ローラ, 相武紗季, 安藤サクラ,
仲里依紗, 橋本愛, 中条あやみ, 三吉彩花, Kis-My-Ft2, 三宅健, NAOTO(EXILE), TAKAHIRO(EXILE), Generations from EXILE TRIBE, Tofubeats, ジヨン/知英, 森川葵, ジャニーズWEST, 中島健人(Sexy Zone), 柄本時生, 栗原類, 又吉直樹(ピース), 雨上がり決死隊, おぎやはぎ, フットボールアワー, 坂上忍, パンサー, IMARU, IVAN, 高橋愛, 中川可菜, 竹富聖花, 日南響子, 高橋みなみ/宮澤佐江/永尾まりや(AKB48), 松井玲奈(SKE48), ファーストサマーウイカ(BiS), 若月佑美(乃木坂46), 9nine, 田中美麗(SUPER☆GIRLS), 沙田瑞紀(ねごと), 児玉遥/穴井千尋(HKT48), CHEEKY PARADE, negicco, トミタ栞, moumoon, 杉原杏璃, 桜田通, 鈴木伸之(劇団EXILE), 中野裕太, mimmam, 小林杏里(東京パフォーマンスドール), 坂井朝香(LinQ), 田村芽実(スマイレージ), 木元みずき(palet), 小柳ゆき, BREATHE, DEEP, LACCO TOWER, etc.


安室奈美恵「Contrail」、「Hands on me」
Generations from EXILE TRIBE「Hard knock days」


LAMARCK(Tokyo fashion week), Laforet harajuku×NYLON JAPAN,
The Rodnik Band(London Fashion Week, Zagreb Fashion Week)
Basso &Brook(Zagreb Fashion Week)